Soulmates, Twin Souls, Soul-Love...

As a Science Fiction Romance (SFR) author I explore many complex and odd theories in order to make my sci-fi storylines realistic. When I first decided I wanted to write the Soul-Love Series I knew I was in for a different type of research to understand what this kind of love is all about. According to the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristophanes, who first coined the idea of soulmates, we are always searching for our other half which will complete us.

Nick and Krista have a natural affinity for each other from the beginning and are destined to be in each other’s lives. No matter how different they seem. Yet many conflicts undermine their soulmate connection. For one thing, Krista is preparing for the coveted and prestigious position as a professional ballerina at Boston’s Dance Conservatory, while Nick writes songs that reflect the grittiness of everyday life in the 1960’s. He plays the Boston bar scene barely scraping by. On the surface they couldn’t be more different. Yet in the depths of their soul they are much alike. They pull, they push, they love and they yearn to be together even when they decide they aren’t right for each other. When an unknown force tears their world apart and they become lost, they discover they are willing to do anything to find each other, even if it takes a lifetime. But will they ever be together again?

© copyright Kaye Manro 2015-17

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