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As I work on the Soul-Love Series which is set in mid to late sixties era Boston, there are elements that make the stories come alive. So where did I get the ideas for this series and the characters, Nick and Krista.

I chose the sixties because it was a time of awakening and transition. It also matches well with my characters given their backgrounds. Keep in mind these are not books about the sixties, but a relationship love story about separation, and finding true Soul-Love. There are also supernatural and sci-fi elements which fit well with the sixties movement. Nick's psychic abilities and Krista's metaphysical upbringing, along with a few surprises.

The settings, time period, slang, counter-culture and events that happened then, are there to enhance the story, give authenticity and bring Nick and Krista to life as real as possible. 

On coming up with the story, my father was a singer, a writer, a player of song. A talent that he generously handed down to his children. My brothers carry on as musicians or are in entertainment as well. So that part was easy when I decided my main character, Nick Zelmenis should be a musician. I know a little about vintage era guitars. And what I don't know, I just ask my retro thinking brother.  

As for Krista being a dancer and studying ballet, I did that, as did family before me. And I guess I've always believed dancers and musicians go well together. That artistic thing, you know. With that in mind, it just seemed natural to create Nick and Krista as a musician and a dancer living in 1960's Boston. 

About Nick's 1962 Yamaha YD3. I think it's one of the coolest motorcycles of that era. I also wanted to add some depth and flavor by having Nick and his Grandfather restore the bike together while Nick was young. Since his Grandfather is no longer here, Nick has a strong affinity with his YD3 because of how it came to be his.  He rides it everywhere, even in winter.

Love Peace and Granola.

Always they live

Always they love

Inside and out 

Of each other's heart


Boston Skyline circa 1966

Nick Zelmenis and Krista McBaine live in an old brownstone first floor flat in Boston’s Back Bay. At this time, most of the apartments in the area are occupied by students attending nearby colleges or Universities. Everything they need is within walking distance, from corner markets to coin laundries. And of course the ever present bookstore/coffee house is a must. Local record stores are meeting places to organize marches for love, peace and an end to the war. Anti-establishment and experimentation prevail including new ways of thinking, and sexual freedom.

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